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"Richard's Parlor Car "

The Passenger Car Page

Photo: F.E.C. # 90

 This page has been created for those interested in individual passenger car history; as well hoping to gain further data to add to my database.

 My database was started about 25 years ago, after purchasing a passenger car diagram book from the C.N.R. Learning that various cars on their roster, had been rebuilt several times, and various cars had originated from Pullman in 1948, and later in the 60's from N.Y.C. and several other roads. I got the "bug" and have been collecting information ever since.

 Presently I have listed over 15,000 passenger cars in the database and still have more to add/edit. With so much information out there, this file will never be complete. Having mostly C.N.R. and C.P.R. equipment listed, I do have some information on the U.S. Railways cars also.

  Please bear with me while I build this page, as this a new project and not everything will work the way I hope it will.

 If you have any comments, information or pictures of passenger cars you would like to share with this site please E-mail Me

A selection of passenger cars from my files:



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